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A Message from John P. Hester, President and CEO

Building a bright and sustainable future for the communities, customers and employees that we are so proud to serve.


Our Company always strives to meet the highest standards through responsible and ethical business practices, embracing diversity, equity and inclusion, and promoting environmental sustainability. In recent years, investors and stakeholders have called for companies to be more transparent and conscious of their overall impact regarding these topics.

These calls have led us to reflect on our sustainability efforts while growing our business, resulting in a concentrated focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters. This emphasis is overseen by our board and management team to help implement processes throughout the Company.

In support of our ESG efforts, Southwest continues to make progress toward achieving a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from fleet and building facilities by 2025. Part of these reductions is attributed to the adoption of compressed natural gas in Southwest’s fleet, while Facilities updated and implemented energy-efficient technology in buildings across our service territory. In 2019, WSN Construction — a subsidiary of our Company — neared completion of construction on a renewable natural gas (RNG) biodigester project for a major city, which will help produce enough RNG to fuel 90% of their waste collection fleet.

During 2019, our employees bolstered the Company legacy of giving back to the community through their generous contributions. We are pleased that Companywide financial contributions from employees exceeded $2.37 million distributed to over 180 nonprofits.

In operating an essential utility and supporting other essential businesses, we have always been prepared for crises that may arise by continuously improving our risk mitigation and business continuity plans. In 2020 the need to activate these plans came about quickly.

Despite the rapidly evolving situation, one thing has not changed: our employees’ dedication to providing the safe, reliable and affordable natural gas services customers depend on, and building the infrastructure that delivers it.

We are committed to an ongoing evaluation of the priorities of today and tomorrow while aggressively implementing strategies to achieve our goals.

John P. Hester, President and CEO

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